Wedding Designer in La Baja

Emmanuel will be the lead guy in charge of your wedding day and/or event in a free and easy way that makes everyone delighted. Through the planning and designing process he will be your confidant and consultant, during your event he will get people on board with your plan and get the job done to create a seamless and perfect day for you. His main goal is to Celebrate you!

Personal facts about Emm:

* Self-proclaimed Disney Geek! Loves everything Disney related, favorite movie, Aladdin!

* Loves dressing up, as a Halloween baby Emm loves costumes and cosplay.

* Has always loved planning events, as a kid would organize random parties for his cousins and little friends.

* He loves musicals and dancing, in another life he would have explored doing it professionally.

* He really is a foodie and takes food very seriously. His favorite cuisine, Mexican of course!


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