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Emmanuel’s passion for high quality comes from his early years in the hospitality business. He understands the importance of a great vacation experience and planning destination weddings is a great opportunity to create lifetime memories for you and your wedding guests. He will blend his creativity, joy and authenticity into an event everyone will talk about for years.

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Unidad KafeUnidad Kafe
00:00 16 Mar 24
BOOK HIM WHILE YOU CAN BEFORE HE BLOWS UP! Seriously...Emm is top tier and we could not have been more happy with our experience with him. From the initial brainstorming to the very end, Emm was with us every step of the way. Emm got to know us as a couple and was dedicated to creating our dream wedding, through planning he listened to our feed back and was determined to bring our vision to life (which he did and more).Day of the wedding was an absolute DREAM, everything was seamless. There was never a time where we were asked to do anything day of, which really reduced our stress and allowed us to truly enjoy OUR wedding and live in the moment.Emm is engaging, thoughtful, attentive, patient, vibrant, and every other positive characteristic you would want in a coordinator. At the end of the wedding, Emm took the initiative to gather all of our belongings and delivered them to our hotel the next day, so we could go out and not have to worry, like what?!We are so sad this process is over, if we were to do it again we wouldn't have changed a thing. Emm knows what he is doing and is NOT going to deliver a cookie cutter wedding.Emm is well connected and provided us with various options for vendors, which was perfect for us. It gave us flexibility to pick what was best for us and our vision.If you want to have a stress free, unique, personalized, AMAZING wedding that exceeds your expectations-book with Emm, you will be blown away.
Eddie BEddie B
21:12 28 Feb 24
The entire experience of our wedding was nothing short of amazing, thanks to Emm's attention to detail, diligence, taste and in our case, patience. Lots of it.He sourced out top notch vendors for every aspect, and his own team was incredible...We can't recommend Emmanuel enough! My wife and I are sooooo grateful to him and his team!
Chad HodgeChad Hodge
22:21 22 Nov 23
Emmanuel!Words can’t begin to describe the amazing feeling we still have from our wedding last weekend. And you made every moment of it happen. From the very first call with you, when you told us you were just starting your own company and asked us to put our faith in you, we knew you would go above and beyond… and you went WAY above and WAY beyond.You listened to what we wanted — we told you we wanted our wedding to be a vacation for our family and friends — and you made it exactly that. You helped us take a rough idea and make it a reality. And you made it fun! You handled everything with Esperanza and Chileno Bay, you guided us through the best tasting/planning trip — flowers, rentals, photographer, videographer, everything. And it was fun! Every Zoom call and meeting with you was a great time, and you kept everything on track. We never felt like we were spending too much time planning our wedding, which is what everyone usually complains about! You gave us so much confidence, over and over again, that you would handle everything. And you did. My job in real life as a TV showrunner is very similar to a wedding planner — managing many departments at once, leading a creative vision, making sure everyone is in the right place, ensuring everyone is safe and happy. So there were many times when I wanted to do more to deal with the planning, because it’s my instinct, but I didn’t have to because you were all over it. You kept saying “don’t worry, it’s going to be perfect.” And it was.So many of our guests said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. Yes, people probably say that at a lot of weddings. But we know our friends and family well and they do not say things like that easily. Everyone said the same things, independent of each other — they said it was so warm, so fun, so seamless, so effortless.But of course there was a lot of effort that went into making it looking effortless — and that was ALL YOU. We probably don’t even know half of what you did behind the scenes to make the weekend so perfect. But we know you did it. You took such good care of our family members with disabilities, you made sure the hotel was on top of every detail, you told me I didn’t have to come to the sound check for KC Flo and I didn’t believe you, and you were right! I left after five minutes. You were on top of it. Something goes wrong at every wedding, and nothing went wrong with our wedding at all. You were on top of everything every step of the way. A complete professional and visionary. It was seamless, beautiful, everything we hoped it would be, and more.We are so thankful to you, Emmanuel, for the wedding of our dreams. And we are so proud of you for going out on your own and starting your own company. We could not be more honored to be one of your first clients. We would say we can’t wait to work with you again, but hopefully we don’t need to do that lol.My friend Scott said he noticed a moment between you and me at the wedding, when KC Flo was singing “Lady Marmalade” — and we looked at each other and just nodded/winked like “yep, nailed it, this was a good idea.” Scott said he could see how close we were and how much fun we had planning this wedding together. We did have so much fun. And we consider you a friend for life. I’ve never heard anyone say that about their wedding planner.Love you so much. You are the best. Thank you a million times.Love,Chad & Rob
Collin KalleryCollin Kallery
23:14 13 Apr 23
My partner and I got married back in February in San Jose at Acre, and Emmanuel was our wedding planner. He couldn’t have done a better job!!!! He has a true talent for detail and personality, and removed all the stress from wedding planning. He did an amazing job of understanding who we are and what we’d want in a wedding. If we could do our wedding over and over again with Emmanuel and his team, we’d do it a thousand more times!!!! Thank you much Emm, you helped make the best day of our life PERFECT!
05:30 11 Apr 23
Emmanuel was fantastic beyond words! We decided to plan a wedding in San Jose del Cabo, but we live pretty far away in Colorado. We didn’t have the time or resources to repeatedly visit local vendors in Cabo, so we had to put our full trust in a planner who lived there.The end result was absolutely fantastic. Emm handled everything like a pro and we received so many compliments on the wedding. Everything went off without a single hitch 🙂 10/10, we would highly recommend him.
Jillian PezzinoJillian Pezzino
01:08 05 Apr 23
I appreciated Emmanuel’s attention to detail. He has a strong plan for getting you from point A to Z, which was extremely helpful when planning a destination wedding. He has an elegant taste for details and recommends high quality vendors. He and his team ensured that all logistics were taken care of, which made us feel confident and fully able to enjoy our special weekend! We are very grateful for all of Emm’s hard work and perfect execution.
Alejandra SanchezAlejandra Sanchez
01:29 28 Aug 22
Emm was simply THE BEST! My wife and I did not have a clue on where to start. We thought we knew what we wanted, but when it comes to the real thing... Emm was able to handle it all, even my wife!! xD He helped her get her ideas straight about her dream wedding and made them come to life. I knew I wanted to surprise her somehow, and with Emm's ideas we were able to add details that were important to us -they turned out to be the highlights of the night! Our friends and family keep talking about how great our wedding was. Emm makes dreams come true! ❤️ Emmanuel: Thank you again for making our wedding day, one of our best days in our lifes! - Tato y Ale
Michel ChordMichel Chord
16:02 21 Jul 22
For all the brides out there, that don’t know where to begin or how to make their vision come to life you could not be in more capable hands than with Emmanuel Vega Events. Manny is so experienced and so dedicated to making sure his clients vision comes to life. My husband and I had so many unforeseen obstacles before our big day from our original event space closing due to the crazy times we all were living in, and the untimely passing of a close loved one, Manny guided us through everything. He truly went above and beyond with finding ways to make our day spectacular. The day of our wedding Manny kept everything running smoothly so we could simply be present and soak in every special moment. We are so grateful we had Manny as our Wedding planner and we can’t thank him enough for providing such a beautiful, and most importantly meaningful day for us!
Deisy FloresDeisy Flores
04:07 21 Jul 22
When I got engage I was lucky to have Emmanuel on my side to help me coordinated my wedding, I didnt have a clue of what I needed, what where the steps to follow on the organization of such an important day , didnt even know I had to send a rsvp!! Did I needed to have a seating chart? What flowers will look better with the design? its fair to say my fiance and I where completely lost! But to have Emmanuel helping out made everything so easy, his love for what he does, his great eye for details and great style where our salvation! Whit him by our side we where able to just sit back and relax, since he had everything under control, everything just went with the flow and it turn out more than perfect , it was magical. I am so happy to say we where his very first wedding !!!
Curtis MorrisCurtis Morris
11:32 22 Apr 22
I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll start at the very beginning.We met Emm through a mutual friend back in April 2021 to discuss planning our wedding on March 20th, 2022. My husband and I live in Seattle, so finding a trusted planner in Cabo was important, and scary for us. Having never been married before (like most) I wasn't sure how to start the planning process or even what to plan, especially in another country. Being a gay wedding, it was obviously important to us to have an ally, as well as someone who understood what it took for my husband and I to get to this point in our lives. From that first day, Emm was kind, focused and knew exactly what we wanted even before we realized it. At one point he flat-out asked us, "Are you the type of gays that need rainbows everywhere?" and when we shook our heads no, he sighed in relief and said, "Not that we couldn't have done that, because I can and will do anything you want, but I prefer to approach things a little more elegantly, luxuriously and refined. The statement is you, not the politics." And that's the moment we knew he'd be the one.Flash forward to the months that followed. I'm a very meticulous planner, and a ball of nerves and stress, and while logistics are fun for me to organize, doing so 2,000 miles north was hard on my nerves. Emm was as responsive as he could be, and his entire team of experts were amazing from the beginning too. If he couldn’t answer something right away, it’s because he’s making someone else’s dream come true, but soon it would be our turn. His recommendations for local photographers, videographers, florists, decorators, etc were AMAZING. The attention to every detail was immaculate. Not once did we feel lead astray on anything, which was huge for us since we had no idea what we were doing.Now, the main aspect of any wedding is, you guessed it, the budget!! I'll admit, I had sticker shock pretty much the whole time (because my husband is expensive ha!). Emm kept us on track and kept me up to date on everything 100%. If I had questions, he had the answers. If I didn't like the cost of something, he'd do his best to adjust it.Finally, the big day arrived! Now, my husband and I planned an entire weekend of festivities that included 4 events all located at The Cape. These events included a pool party, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, and the reception/cocktail hour. That meant extra time with the photographers, videographers, etc. All of it was flawlessly executed. The day-of coordination was spot on, to the point where I don’t even remember stressing about literally anything. The hair and makeup vendor that Emm recommended for the girls made them all feel like brand new girls. Everyone had a blast!I’ll wrap up with this: our guest list was 80-ish people, many of them have not only been to many weddings, but several of them are known to take lavish vacations, expect a lot, and always have something to complain about. NOT ONE PERSON complained about a thing. Furthermore, everyone raved about how our wedding was the best one they’ve ever been to. Those that saw Emm in the background said that he was kind, professional, and on top of every little detail. Not only did my husband and I feel pride in our wedding, but our guests are still talking about it a month later and will for a long time. We have Emmanuel Vega Events to thank for that. So if you’re still deciding on a wedding planner, trust me … he’s right here.

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